Leonardo Pedrosa iRowing Owner
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iRowing is a new sports concept geared towards individuals who don’t have time to engage in physical fitness training. All it takes is 30 minutes, 3 x times a week, in a gym or in your home. There is no age limit and no previous experience requirement. You go at your own pace and see your improvement everyday.

Founder of iRowing is Leonardo Pedrosa, a champion rower for the Argentine National Rowing and Olympic team and an acclaimed personal trainer.
In addition, iRowing works together with skilled nutritionists and physical therapists.

By doing so, iRowing seeks to meet the needs of every individual, both physically and mentally, with the goal of achieving lasting health changes that improve the
quality of life.

Mission Statement and Vision

To help improve health and fitness of community members through utilization of iRowing as part of regular exercise.

The objectives are iRowing are to:
• Create an iRowing community that fosters health for all ages
• Promote a psychological and physical wellbeing of those who practice iRowing
• Stimulate and inspire the individual’s willingness to overcome obstacles and meet personal goals
• Meet the needs of all individuals wanting to improve their fitness and overall quality of life in a world increasingly more demanding and competitive.
• Broaden the types of physical fitness options for the general public and competitive athletes alike.


iRowing utilizes Concept 2 rowing machines and the legacy of 30 years of rowing excellence. Concept 2 machines evolved out of their founders’ efforts to improve their personal best times in order to become part of the US Olympic Rowing Team in 1976. 5 years later, in 1981, through their experience and creative engineering, the first Concept 2 machine was built, a machine that simulated the experience of rowing on water.

Today, Concept 2 machines may be found in gyms, schools, homes, and Olympic training facilities throughout the world. iRowing provides the necessary training and guidance for the safe and effective use of Concept 2 machine, towards achieving optimal health and fitness results.